07 January 2016

We'll call him Nate

Clet Abraham brings the love to Dublin's cold, grey streets
Drury Street, Dublin, 10th October, 2015
Back in October of last year, French street artist Clet Abraham paid a visit to Dublin. I've seen his work in London and Paris before and thanks to the uniformity of European street signs (his chosen medium) and the number of one way-streets our capital has to offer, Dublin proved to be an ample canvas for him.

On a particularly grey day I grabbed my camera and headed off to capture as many of his pieces as I could before the city council arrived to remove any accidental traces of joy that might have snuck in to the streets while they weren't looking.

I've posted a few here, there were a good few more but mostly the same designs as below. Wandering around today you can still see a few of these, but most have been torn down lest passers-by mistake the city centre for an open-air gallery, or worse yet a giant installation.

A stock photo of Clet Abraham. Ba-DUM-tish!
South Great Georges Street, Dublin, 10th October, 2015
Clet Abraham, the artist at work.
Jervis Street, Dublin, 10th October, 2015
More work in progress from Clet Abraham.
Jervis Street, Dublin, 10th October, 2015
Another classic piece from Clet Abraham.
Hanover Quay, Dublin, 10th October, 2015
A key piece by Clet Abraham.
Exchequer Street, Dublin, 10th October, 2015

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