05 January 2016

To sail beyond the sunset

En route from Dublin to London, taking the fast route for once.
Somewhere over Wales, 16th November, 2015
There is a midpoint between Dublin and London. Not a physical point on a map, but a mental place that you reach when the stress of departure has subsided and the angst of arrival has yet to kick in. It is a neutral place, a moment of calm that comes from being confined in a limbo that is beyond your control. It arrives when you have no more connections to make, nothing to miss, no delays to worry about. All that is required now is to sit back and wait, no further action on your part is necessary.

In this moment, those around me often sleep. They order a beer or another beer. They type away on their laptop trying to force productivity in to every moment. They read. They watch a film. They order another beer.

I look out the window.

You might think there is nothing to see in the middle of the ocean. Nothing to see a thousand feet above the clouds.

I think there is everything to see.

I think I see everything.

Sunset at sea, the winter solstice. Sailing back to Dublin for Christmas.
The Irish Sea, 21st December, 2015

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