16 January 2016

The Ice Age Is Coming, The Sun's Zooming In

I can totally see my house from here...
Somewhere above Kennington Road, London, 16th January, 2016
We arrived back in London today after what seemed to be the blink of an eye but was in fact almost four weeks. This time walking into our London flat doesn't seem alien, or elsewhere, it just feels like we've opened a door in our house and suddenly there's another room there that we haven't been in for a while, a guest bedroom that we forgot we even had.

The air is different here. The dirt, the pollution, the bits of other people that you can't help but inhale as you walk down the streets. The heavy lungs. You know the moment that you take your first breath that you are here, and not there.

The strangest thing about coming back is how unstrange it all feels. I guess this means that after twenty-seven months I've finally become acclimatised to bilocation, just in time to try and stay long enough in London to almost consider it home.



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