26 January 2016

On Memory Bliss

Adrift, by Ebauche
During the quiet spell here on Booming Back last spring, our good friend Ebauche (he of the freezing Crimbo swim) dropped his new album of ambient electronica, Adrift.

I say 'dropped', but it's more like he poured it slowly into a large brandy glass, swirled it slightly as the last rays of the evening sun caught it and reflected warm honey across the table below, then gently supped it watching day gradually descend into night as his body slowly warmed from the inside out.

It is altogether rather nice.

The real-world CD version comes in a gorgeous digi-pack with some pretty stunning and ethereal artwork by Adrianna Snochowska that manages to convey a sense of the journey that Ebauche sends you on.

You can listen to a sample below, but if you like it I highly recommend picking up a hard-copy version, and there are a range of cd and vinyl options, as well as prints of the original artwork available here.



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