08 January 2016

Neighbors just shine it on

Clet Abraham in the graffiti-strewn streets of Kreuzberg
Spreewaldplatz, Kreuzberg, Berlin, 15th June, 2015
Clet Abraham gets around. That's one of things that I like about his work, that you can be walking down an unfamiliar street in Berlin and look up and see one of his pieces, and then a few weeks later see another piece in London. Familiarity with his work creates an instant connection between you, the street and the artist, with a strange sensation that comes from knowing that you and he have stood in the exact same spot in multiple cities, followed the same route and looked up at the same point.

When you look at art in a gallery, quite often you know that you are having an experience that the artist never had, and vice versa. They have never been in that gallery looking up at their piece on the wall, and you have never been in their studio, staring down on a blank canvas. With a street artist you know that as you look at the wall or sign, hoarding or train carriage, you know that they have occupied that same spot and held that same view in their mind as they created their work.

You may not be able to peer inside their mind, but you can occupy their space, and through this act of seeing you can almost become part of the moment of creation.

Clet Abraham at the Norwegian Embassy.
Belgrave Square, London, 18th November, 2015

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