20 January 2016

It's not easy facing up

I realised that yesterday's pic of the Conor Harrington piece probably wasn't the strongest and certainly didn't do him justice, so I thought I would two photo of a full wall pieces, the first from Bristol and the second from Brick Lane here in London, both from 2014.

(yes, they've both been Instagram'ed, sorry).

The trouble with Mr Harrington's pieces is that cameraphones never do them justice.
Bristol, 30th May, 2014
He also likes to squeeze things into angles that mess with your light settings. Thanks for that, Conor.
Brick Lane, London, 19th April, 2014
The amazing thing is that this is all done in spray-paint, Mr Harrington has mad skillz, as the hippity-hoppity kids would say in my rather inaccurate imagination.

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