15 January 2016

Autograph My Lyrics With a Number Two Pencil

As a card-carrying misanthrope my natural inclination is to expect the worst in people, and then still manage to be disappointed. This is probably why I spend too much time on the Tweet machine, gorging myself on mechanically reclaimed outrage until I'm too stuffed to move and happily fall asleep in a toxic cloud of my own moral superiority.

Someone's been writin' analytical conceptions
Rathmines Road, Dublin, 1st October, 2015
Occasionally, however, I am stopped in my tracks and forced to accept that decent human beings exist and their random acts of positivity sometimes outweigh the landfills of grumpiness I and my cynical ilk create on a daily basis.

Back in the autumn while the debate over the refugee crisis was reaching boiling point in the right-wing red-top media, someone took it upon themselves to plaster the lamp-posts of Rathmines and beyond with a series of handmade leaflets that set about deflating the most common anti-refugee arguments.

This wasn't a professionally printed poster of the Leninist vanguard variety, this was someone sitting down with an A4 sheet of paper and a few markers and trying to make a few simple, rational arguments in as clear and concise a manner as allowed by a contemporary urban lamp-post.

And all the more effective it was, judging by the number of people who stopped to read it.

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