14 September 2014

Great Cthulhu's Beard!

The stars are aligned, or the salad is off. Or both.
South Great George's Street, Dublin, 14th September, 2014
Dublin Fringe is on at the minute, which I hope and pray suppose accounts for this little squamous beauty on George's Street this afternoon. Either that or one of Mr McGrath's Luscious Lime salads has gone a little too zesty...

It looks like the work of Filthy Luker, and I for one welcome our new inflatable overlords.

Update (27/09/2014)

Sadly this look like it was less a work of Fringe-related art and more a fringe-faced promo for a mobile phone company's ad campaign (which is sushi-related, and not as eldritch as originally thought). Still, I popped a pic of this up on Twitter and it appears to have viraled (a perfectly cromulent word), proving the stars were aligned for someone something.

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