15 May 2014

It would be so nice

Transitioning from one place to another, deep underground. Possibly a metaphor.
Tufnell Park Tube Station, London, 26th April, 2014
This week or, more technically, these last two days, I have mostly been... on holiday.

This is not something that occurs that frequently. In fact, it has certainly not occurred this calendar year and while in theory I was not working for a few days over Christmas, the hilarious cavalcade of family dramas that took place during what other folks laughingly call "The Festive Period" mean that I cannot in all conscience say I was taking a break.

I find myself in the eye of a storm, a brief moment where everything related to work that I had to do by a specific time has in fact been done, and the next batch of "Must-do-by-yesterdays" won't actually start until Monday. So finding myself in a somewhat unexpected lull I have decided to take a few days off and try and remember what it is that one does when one isn't working.

For me, that seems to mostly involve staring blankly at a wall as I really am badly out of practice, but with a few days left to go before it all starts again I may just try and write a catch-up post or two.

There may even be moralising.



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