16 January 2014

X= (N-1), where N= The number of roads a man must walk down

Well that's not creepy.

I opened up Google today to find the above doodle. I thought, "well that's a tricky one, I can tell that it's for someone's birthday, but who could it be? A baker perhaps, a candlestick maker, or some other celebratory confectioner?".

Nope, it was of course for me. Clicking on it brought me to my Google+ profile. I was half expecting to find a personalised note there from the NSA saying, "Huzzah! Best wishes on this most festive of occasions! Incidentally, you might want to get your cholesterol checked, we've noticed it's running a bit high", but alas, nothing. To be fair, it must be hard keeping track of birthdays when you are monitoring 200 million text messages every single day.

Still lads, a card would have been nice, you know?

I also got +5 points for checking in to the office on Foursquare today, so now I'm only five disappointments away from unlocking Level Two of the "Insult to Injury" badge. This was literally, and I do mean literally, the highlight of my day.

So, yes, it's my birthday, and if you were partying like it's my birthday then I feel very sorry for you, and I would probably look for a refund.

And in answer to the immortal question, "How many roads must a man walk down?", only one more to go now, my friends.

Only one more.



At 2:16 am, Blogger Alex Leonard said...

Happy birthday dude :)


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