15 January 2014

To all the mazy world of silvery enchantment

The snow white steeds of the moon. One of them anyway.
The British Museum, London, 15th January, 2014
Today is the 255th birthday of the British Museum, and given that it sits basically in my back garden, I thought it would have been rude of me not to pop in on my way to work this morning and say hello.

There are a few pieces in the Museum that I really love, and one of them is this godfather-esqe horse's head, originally (when attached to the rest of the horse) drawing the chariot of the moon-goddess Selene across the Parthenon, before Thomas Bruce, the 7th Earl of Elgin plundered "rescued" the stonework and shipped it back to Britain.

It really looked much moodier than this, blame the poor low-light settings of my phone.
The British Museum, London, 13th December, 2013
I was in the Museum at night just before Christmas, and I took a quick pic of the same sculpture with my phone. The phone photo isn't doing it justice, but at night it looks particularly stunning with the way in which the shadows from the spotlights are cast across the stonework, pretty amazing to see actually.

Anyway, I'll do a proper post another day with my favourite pics from the place, but for now I'll just wish it a happy 255th Birthday, which makes it exactly 214 years and one day older than me. I hope it will return the favour tomorrow and pop round and say hi to me.

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