22 January 2014

The Quantified Selfie

A drainpipe with two stickers by ADW and Morgan
Dame Lane, Dublin, January 22nd, 2014
So if I'm not out photographing my misery-rations or twisting my unkempt visage into a platypus-like puss, what then do I actually photograph and share?

Largely things that I find on the street as I do an unaccompanied Sorkin Walk-and-Talk without the talking part. Yes, technically most people would call that "walking", but thinking of it in a more dramatic fashion makes me feel less sad about having so much quality me-time, which more often than not is actually meh-time,"quality" being a somewhat subjective term here.

Now, having fallen victim to the whole Quantified Self fad, I generally have a good idea of how much I Sorkin Walk-and-Talk without the talking (or SWATWTT for short, see, so much easier than saying "walking") I do in a given day, and the average is about six miles a day. Today was a good day, with about 8.75 miles, but since June 1st I have walked (according to my trusty UP band) 1,381 miles.

In that same time I have shared 98 photos on Instagram, and a further 50 on Twitter, for a grand total of 148. This means that on my SWATWTT I have shared roughly one photograph every 9.33 miles.

So now we know, photographically speaking, that I clock in at 9.33mph (Miles Per Hipstergram), and we have a baseline to measure oversharing with.

You're welcome.

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