28 January 2014

Shamrocracy for the People

So, as some of you know I made a movie. An actual real feature length movie with a group of ridiculously talented people who sacrificed pretty much everything for almost two years to make it happen. Back in 2012 we toured the festival circuit with it, showed it in the IFI and a few other places at home and abroad, and then life and work intervened and we all got involved with other projects in the Really Real World, no doubt much to the relief of certain blue-shirted politicians and their media advisors.

Well, late last year when this blog was undergoing something of a petit mal, we decided to put Shamrocracy up online for all the world to see. Had I been actively posting at the time, and not up to my eyeballs in selfies and food pics, I might have paused to wax lyrical about it.

However given that some time has passed, and no doubt all of you have seen it already, let me instead wane lyrical about it. Two years on and I still have yet to see a more accurate portrayal of the banality of Irish politics, and yet at its heart it remains a moving story of the journey of two friends. If you have a spare hour and twenty minutes, grab a nice cupán tae, settle in to a comfy chair and hit play. You won't be sorry.

(and remember, while all the celebrities are real, no politicians were harmed in the making of this film, though we came very, very close to causing Enda a mischief. Oops)

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At 5:21 am, Blogger Felicity Ford said...

"late last year when this blog was undergoing something of a petit mal" -

Too funny.

I did NOT know you had made a film (presumably also drowning in selfies and food photos, I missed this salient point...) I shall endeavour to watch it, because I suspect it is superb! Thanks for mentioning it here, and for "petit mal": that really made me laugh.

At 11:42 am, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

Thanks Felix. Some of the film might be lost of you don't know who our President, Prime Minister and major journalists are, but hopefully the story is universal enough. I've described it before as an Irish political bromance.

Its worth saying that I did none of the hard work, an incredibly talented group of folks wrote, acted, directed and edited it for free on it for two years, they came to me with a vision and I just facilitated its production.


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