23 January 2014

One does not simply quantify one's self into Mordor

Surprisingly this is not Mount Doom, in foul Mordor. It's Mayo. Easy mistake to make though.
The Green Way, Mayo, 14th September, 2013
1,381 miles is an impressive distance to stroll, but sadly it is no trip to Mordor, Mordor being apparently 1779 miles from the Shire, via Rivendell, Lothlorian and the Falls of Rauros. I have taken six-and-a-half months to make it as far as Rauros on foot, so right about now I should be losing one or two of my travelling companions who set off unexpectedly in a series of adventures both heartwarming and sobering.

So, given that I have failed to complete my journey on foot, with time running out before the Dark Lord of Mordor rises, and not having access to eagles, giant or otherwise, I will instead rather sensibly get on a a bike. Now, if I calculate all the journeys that I have actually logged via GPS, the grand total is 786 miles, which when added to my logged strolling comes the the grand total of 2167 miles, or more than enough to make it to Mordor, drop off the bling, and cycle away before anyone is any the wiser.


Sadly only 155 miles of that cycling was logged during the same period as the walking, the rest was mostly in the summer of 2012 when I had rather more time on my hands. So, in the last six-and-a-half months I have perambulated just over 1,500 miles on foot and en vélo.

Close, but no all-seeing eye of Sauron.

The moral of this story is that walking and/or cycling in to Mordor is indeed not something that one simply does.

At least not in a hurry.

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