29 September 2013

Quit holding out and draw another breath

So here's a weird thing, tomorrow morning I'm emigrating.

Only I'm not. Not really.

For the next year work and life have conspired to place equal demands on my person, demands which can only adequately be satisfied by spending alternating weeks in London and Dublin.

This will be strange.

I am half-emigrating, demigrating if you will. A foot remains in each country, a half-life continues on in both, an existence akin to Mr Schrödinger's favourite enboxed feline, neither in one state nor another until someone shoves me full of poison. Possibly with a Bulgarian umbrella, as is wont to happen in London.

On the one hand, it means I am going to miss the Seanad Mehferendum (and the Star Chamber one that no-one is talking about), but on the other hand it gives me a whole new set of politicians to be grumpy about. Yay!

This will no doubt change the tone and nature of this blog somewhat, whether or not it it has any affect on the frequency of posts is something that not even I would care to predict.

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