07 May 2013

3.1 iron-clad reasons to fund Rabble

Those nice folks at Rabble have uploaded my piece from Issue 5 on Hollywood blockbusters and the glorification of the individual at the expense of the collective (it's punchier than it sounds), just in time for the release of Iron Man 3 (which, *spoilers*, deals pretty much entirely with the negative impact on our man Tony of suddenly finding himself part of a team of folks that are every bit his equal in Avengers. Sadly for Tony there is no "I" in "Avengers", so he just has to compensate by slapping a giant shiny red and gold one at the front of "Iron Man". There may also have been some bad guys and a few explosions, but I wasn't really paying too much attention there towards the end).

This serves as an opportune moment to remind you all about Rabble's ongoing Fund:IT campaign to let the magazine continue for another year as a reader-supported venture. The campaign is now just over half-way through, with nineteen days to go, and has raised over €5,000 of its €9,000 goal, from 122 backers. The problem with Fund:IT, like its bigger cousin Kick-Starter on the other side of the Atlantic, is that unless a campaign meets its full target, the project walks away with nothing. So while hitting the €5K mark is a very good milestone indeed, unless it brings in another €4K of pledges in the next nineteen days the Anne Robinson Bot will turn around with great glee and proclaim, "Rabble Magazine, you leave with nothing. You are the weakest link, goodbye", and none of us want to see that, now do we?

Rabble is a truly unique magazine in Ireland, nobody is covering the stores that they are, with the style of journalism that they are, and they can't continue without your help. I think you should all rush off immediately and give them what you can, but then again I am biased, I write for them. Luckily, a number of other far more interesting and credible folks than me have taken a few moments to let you all know why you should support Rabble.

First up is Donal Fallon, part of the group behind the altogether rather excellent history blog, Come Here to Me, that we are pretty big fans of here at Booming Back:

Next up is Tonie Walshe of The Irish Queer Archive,  a living and growing collection of documents chronicling the recent history of the LGBTQ community in Ireland and housed in the National Library of Ireland since 2008:

Finally there are these words from Terry Fagan of The North Inner City Folklore Project, who has been preserving the forgotten history of the communities at the heart of Dublin for more years than any of us care to remember:

Now there you go, three great reasons to support Rabble, and one very poor one from your humble resident Ire-merchant and Bile-monger here at Booming Back.

Off you go now and give them your money, sure you'd only go and waste it on crisps and alcohol anyway.

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