04 January 2013


Will St Leger channels his inner Morrissey
Temple Lane South, Dublin, January 4th 2013
And just like that it was 2013.

Depending on who you listen to on the internets, what we have now witnessed is either a) the abject failure of the Mayans to accurately predict the apocalyptic end of the world, or b) the dawn of their completely accurately prophesied new era of harmony and understanding with sympathy and trust abounding. 

In either event (and hedging our bets like the chocolate-filled fence-sitting burghers of Switzerland), we here at Booming Back have celebrated the birth of a new year by launching a radical overhaul of our website. Gone is the clutter and Web 2.0 widgets that competed for your attention like a thousand screeching seagulls, swept away in a tropical storm of efficient lines and white minimalism.

Bowing to the inevitable pressure of the world of social meeja, we have introduced sharing buttons with each post. This should make it easier for you all to distribute whatever morsels of misanthropic bile and villainy you find here that strike your fancy.

As always should you feel the need to rejoin, reject or respond to whatever poorly constructed and haphazardly-spelled Straw Man I have indolently placed before you and then set aflame with reckless abandon, you may do so in the conveniently located comments field below each post.

We here at Booming Back know you have a choice when selecting your source of daily wrath and ire, and we'd like to thank you for choosing to fly with us.



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