16 November 2012

The Physical Possibility of Bounce in the Mind of Someone Living

It is almost impossible to try and look serious and moody on a giant inflatable dolmen
Merrion Square, Dublin, 8th November, 2012
This week, there has been far too much misery, whether horrific incidents here in Ireland or unimaginable foulness abroad. When I write here I normally do so to work out an idea that I have in my head, some problem or issue that has been bothering me and, like a terrible pop song that you can only get out of your head by humming along out loud, I find that writing it all down helps clarify things and lets me move on to the next topic of angst-ridden wrath and ire. Sometimes, however, the Really Real World beyond these pages is just so messed-up that writing about it, particularly when so many others have already done so and in a manner far more cognisant than I will ever manage (and many more who sadly should have paid a little bit more attention in primary school), that such an exercise seems to hover somewhere on the border of futility and really-not-helping-thank-you-very-much.

This is one of those times.

So instead I am going to ignore complete the existential terror that hovers about us at the moment and return to a happier time, a time we here at Booming Back like to call, nine days ago, and a place known to Dubliners as Merrion Square. There, for a number of hours between seven and nine, there existed a happy place that can only be described as, The Poulnabrone Bouncey Dolmen. For one day only Jim Ricks brought out his inflatable artwork and managed to do what the RHA failed for the entire duration of the Futures exhibition, he let people bounce.

 And bounce we did.

See? I told you so.
Merrion Square, Dublin, 8th November, 2012
Kids, when the world is getting you down, take your shoes off and go for a bit of an aul' bounce. Life is too short to worry about looking like an eejit.

(All photos courtesy of The Very Understanding Girlfriend, who needed no encouragement to have a bit of an aul' bounce)

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At 8:41 am, Blogger Alex Leonard said...

Heh,I was thinking the same thing at the Rathlin hog roast. They had a bouncy castle, wait for it, a mechanical bucking bronco sheep.

The thought occurred to me, whilst I was clinging on to the sheep trying to beat the best time, that it's times like this that age and maturity and the worries of the world just disappear, the playing field is levelled and there is no difference between the I of the present and the I of 25 or so years ago. It is just pure innocent childish glee at trying to best a mechanical sheep..

It was also apparent to me watching the somewhat tipsy adults starting to join in with the kids on the bouncy castle. Pure glee, freedom of expression and absence of self consciousness.


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