15 May 2012

A Time of Fire and Water - Interlude

Dublin's burning. Again. An incident entirely unrelated to the property crash.
Harcourt Street, Dublin, Tuesday May 15th
Today saw the second mysterious fire in a vacant building in our neighburhood in a month, and the third fire this year within 400 meters of our house. Four units of Dublin Fire Brigade and a fifth massive ladder truck were on scene at around 1pm this afternoon at the top of Harcourt Street to tackle the blaze in the top floor of a supposedly empty building (though workers in the office next-door said they had seen some squatters inside recently). While the building itself was extensively damaged, unfortunately Copper Face Jacks (only a few doors down) escaped completely unscathed.

It was seriously smokey for a time.
Harcourt Street, Dublin, Tuesday May 15th
Seems to me like there are an awful lot of careless landlords playing with matches at a time when commercial properties are at their lowest resale value in decades and yet insurance policies are no doubt still tagged to the buildings' worth at the peak of the Celtic Tiger bubble.

Fire is always worrying to man who lives in a wooden building
Harcourt Street, Dublin, Tuesday May 15th
I only hope that An Taoiseach Enda Kenny doesn't hear about this and get any ideas, with €74 Billion or so worth of property loans on its books, the majority of which is going nowhere fast, you have to wonder if someone in NAMA isn't wondering would it just be easier to torch the whole lot and claim the insurance.

If we all put on the green jersey and got our stories straight it just might work - remember, insurance fraud is a victimless crime as long as the insurance companies are all foreign-owned.



At 9:23 am, Blogger Snag Breac said...

Mysterious eh? Mysterious how the first on the scene is you and your camera eh....and isn't that picture familiar from some newspaper's website....the plot thickens...

At 9:28 am, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

Peter Parker is just good friends with Spiderman, that's why he gets all the great photos of Spidey in action.


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