27 April 2012

There now follows a Referendum Treaty broadcast...

A Referendum Treaty Broadcast, by @soundmigration.

That is all.

You can find more by Mark on his blog here.
You can find more on the controversy that has erupted over the Government's use of public money to campaign for a "Yes" vote in spite of the McKenna judgement here.
If you are interested you can read the Government's view on the Treaty on their shiny new site here.

Expect to say much, much more on the Treaty Referendum here at Booming Back as we get closer to voting day on Thursday 31st May. We, of course, are calling for a No vote.

As we usually do.



At 4:09 pm, Anonymous ruairi said...

have a look at this http://youtu.be/KbOFJ0yUaO8 paul murphy mep

At 5:01 am, Anonymous Brain Food said...

Very motivational video. It is inspiring to see people take action. Having a voice is what it is all about, instead of complaining they choose to do something about it.


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