15 February 2012

A musical interlude to cleanse the palete

Here's something of a palate cleanser to remove the mental image of Enda, Biffo et all lipsticking-up a pig, courtesy of those nice people in Warp.

First up is Cracking Eggs taken from In Ghostlike Fading, the debut album from Brooklyn five piece My Best Fiend, out on the 20th of this month. Yes, they're from Brooklyn, but we won't hold that against them, especially as they take their name from Werner Herzog's disturbing cinematic account of his love/hate relationship with his long-time collaborator Klaus Kinski.

Next up, and altogether more Warp-ey is Set Loose from the vinyl/digital only EP Endless Paths from Vancouver-based Babe Rainbow released back in June of last year, which is odd, because somehow this completely passed me by. It's almost as if I had something on my mind in June, some sort of distraction that kept me from noticing new music.

I hope that makes you feel better now, I promise I won't refer to pig-kissing again.




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