03 February 2012

And who by fire, who by water?

Dublin's Burning. Well, smoldering maybe.
Camden Street, Dublin, Friday 3rd February
There is an agreement I have with my circle of friends, not so much a tacit agreement as something outright explicit, that we are collectively done with the whole "bad things happening to good people" stuff. Given the appalling year that many of us had, at the end of December we all agreed to leave the Bad Things behind us forever in 2011 and enjoy nothing but Good Things in 2012.

At least until the world ends in December.

With that in mind I am delighted to tell you all about a Good Thing that happened this morning.

As I sat around this morning looking forward to all the joy and wonder life had to offer (hopefully bundled up in the form of a small cup of hot chocolate) I was rocked by what felt like a small earthquake, or a very large tumble-drier, but turned out, in fact, to be neither. Three buildings away an interaction between a cigarette, piles of combustible material and a gas heater resulted in a little light exercise for four engines of Dublin's bravest.

Yes, it's true. Fire Trucks are very cool.
Camden Street, Dublin, Friday 3rd February
Seeing the unmistakable signs of a burning building (smoke, exploding roof tiles, flames, more flames) and noticing with some alarm how rapidly the conflagration was approaching I hot-footed it out onto the street to see just what exactly was going on.

As it happened the fire was burning two floors above my old studio. Throughout 2010 I had an artist's studio in a space shared with a group of painters and book-binders, and although the studios themselves were thankfully undamaged by the fire, my old one seems to have taken the brunt of the water run-off from the fire hoses.

At first glance it would appear that the fire started when an untended cigarette came into contact with bundles of papers in an office on the top floor of the building (though the Fire Marshall's report might turn up something completely different) and the explosion I felt was the result of the fire reaching a gas Superser heater, blowing out the windows and a good portion of the roof. The remains of the cylinder were located by the fire brigade and brought down to the road for later inspection.

The gas canister that caused it all. With some help from a lot of combustible material and possibly a cigarette (not shown).
Camden Street, Dublin, Friday 3rd February
Luckily no one was injured in the explosion or the subsequent blaze, though as you can see the building itself is in a pretty bad way. This is why this morning must be classified as a "Good Thing", because it all could have been so much worse.

There are times when living in a wooden building above a paper warehouse seems like a good idea.

Today was not one of them.

(I would put up more photos but I am still relying on my back-up Internet, powered by a none-too-athletic hamster in a wheel, who's looking a bit tired after pushing these three online, to try and upload any more would almost certainly kill him)

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At 10:04 pm, Anonymous SonnyPlaice said...

.. we need to know more about the hamster ..

At 10:05 am, Anonymous steve said...

a friend of mine lives in the flat next door. i helped her move out yesterday.. this is the state of her place now: http://i.imgur.com/fNjDL.jpg


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