19 January 2012

Tell me now, how do I feel - Redux

New piece by Solus
Corner of Drury Street and Fade Street, Dublin, Wednesday 18th January
And we're back. Bet you didn't even notice our SOPA inspired absence, did you?


Well here at Boomingback we took advantage of an enforced day of rest from the internets to get out into the Really Real World (you remember, that place that is permanently AFK) and do the things that ordinary folks do, ordinary folks without anything else more pressing to do. The day started off with a press conference (more about that later), followed by a brief sojourn on Occupied Dame Street and a more lengthy visit to the second last day of the Surface Tension exhibit in The Science Gallery, all wrapped up in an impromptu walking tour of Dublin Street Art.

At the start of the week I wrote about a new piece by Dublin Street Artist Maser commissioned by the First Fortnight program in aid of Mental Health awareness, but Maser was not the only artist to contribute new work to the festival. ADW (right), CANVAZ, Aidan Kelly and Solus (above) all picked up their spray cans and stencils and set to work in Temple Bar and Drury Street.

Street Art is definitely more The Very Understanding Girlfriend's cup of tea than mine, but through her I have come to have a healthy appreciation for the work of a good few Dublin-based artists, and seeing their work around the city has a tangibly softening effect on my often antagonistic relationship with Dublin (I can no longer call it a love/hate relationship since I find there is so little to love, it's more like a "can't-afford-to-ever-move-away-thanks-to-the-property-crash-so-I-might-as-well-grin-and-bear-it/hate" thing).

The irony/synchronicity of being cheered up by Street Art commissioned by a Mental Health campaign is not lost on me.

You can find a map of the pieces here, First Fortnight's Street Art blog here, and my own photos of the pieces here.

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