15 January 2012

#OccupyDameStreet - The First 100 Days

And we don't look a day over 39
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Sunday 15th January
I've been very under the weather these last few days, hence the tumbleweeds blowing through the pages of this blog, however I did make it down to Dame Street this evening for an hour or two to share in the celebrations of this, the 100th day of the #Occupation!

I wrote my own summary of the year to date back in December, but for an alternative perspective I recommend you take a look at lusciousblopster's post over on No Fixed Abode, or take a look through her extensive Flickr album chronicling life on Dame Street since day one, way back on October 8th.

I don't think any of us would have thought that we would have lasted even ten days, let alone make it to 100. I wonder if the President will send us card?

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