23 January 2012

Give a man a loan...

Dublin-based street artist CANVAZ was out and about last night adding his latest stencil-work to the city's Outernet.

Appearing this morning on the corner of Abbey Street and Capel Street, the piece reads "Give a man an education and he will build a new world but give a man a loan and you can own that man forever", and signs off with "Not Our Debt", a reference to the €1.25 Billion payment to unsecured Anglo Irish Bank bondholders scheduled to be made by the Government on Wednesday, part of over €9 Billion that will be paid on behalf of Anglo from the public purse this year alone, in addition to the countless billions that will be paid directly to the ECB and IMF for gambling debts that the citizenry had nothing to do with.

CANVAZ was also responsible for the "Occupy All Streets" piece last year, and the response to our current economic, political and cultural crisis from artists has been an amazing thing to follow. You can see more of CANVAZ on his Facebook page and on lusciousblopster's Flickr set.

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