11 January 2012

Can drumming circles be that far behind?

When you take away alcohol, caffeine, carbonation and fat, what is there left to drink really?

The answer, of course, is tea, or rather, herbal tea-like beverages. While all the fun in my life may have indeed been surgically removed, that doesn't stop me from trying to find a reasonable alternative. High on the list this month has been Teapigs, a UK-based speciality tea blender, introduced to me by my sister over the Crimbo period.

Abandoning the traditional paper teabag design in favour of a biodegradable corn-starch "tea-temple", these lads veer dangerously close to skinny jeans and NHS-glasses worn in an "oh-so ironic, but before it was cool, like" hipster way, but given the lack of other fun stuff on my menu I will allow them these transgressions. My favourite so far is liquorice and mint, which leaves an amazing aftertaste that coats the back of your mouth and throat like a friendly oil slick covering a stretch of wilderness with a warm, gooey blanket of love.

You can get a reasonably large selection in Listons on Camden Street, but I'm sure your own local overpriced, can't-believe-the-celtic-toiger-is-dead-roish foodmongers might stock it as well. This morning I didin't even have to go that far, courtesy of a care package sent by the amazing sister whose tea-temples I depleted over Crimbo while she wasn't looking.

Going to hospital is great when people send you prezzies afterwards.



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