12 December 2011

something, something, pun involving the word "Mugshot", something

Behold, the Colonial Eggacy mug in all its resplendent majesty!

As you may remember our good friend Léan over at String Revolution broke away a number of weeks ago from her normal string-and-thread-based endevours to transform a rather marvelous/breathtakingly-terrible pun into a range of mugs and shirts via the good burghers at Zazzle, and mine arrived through the post this morning. It is actually a thing of wonder and beauty and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of it all.

I remember a good while back an American President, probably George Dubya (given his close relationship with Meg Whitman) but it might have been Clinton, singing the praises of Ebay and declaring that this was how the hard working but low paid citizens of middle America would empower themselves, by buying and selling their unwanted tat to each other, a vicious cycle of ever-increasing circles of impoverishment through consumerism, a capitalist ouroboros where the poor sell their legacies to buy the discarded history of their neighbours, with the only true winner being the corporation in the middle taking a hefty percentage of each sale, the world's largest pawnbroker smiling all the way to the Republican National Convention.

A much more positive story of online empowerment can be told by users of Zazzle, Etsy, DaWanda and the like that provide a home for those who have created things themselves, even when those things are only ideas in search of t-shirt to carry them forth. A good few of my friends sell through Zazzle or Etsy, and I myself have been known to make more than the occasional purchase of things from complete strangers that catch my magpie-like eye.

Yes, I still have ethical issues around corporate middlemen profiting from interactions between individuals, but unlike Facebook and the like who insert themselves into conversations that could easily occur elsewhere, the service provided by an online marketplace like Etsy for makers and crafters is not one that can be easily replicated by most users of that service.


Anyway, if the Colonial Eggacy mug takes your fancy its not too late to order one for Christmas here, though you will need to pay for express shipping rates before December 19th to sup your eggnog from one under the mistletoe on Crimbo morning.



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