09 December 2011

Occupied Fortune

So by now you have probably all seen Shepard Fairey's Anonymous Hope #Occupy mashup that he has released as a free .pdf for all and sundry to use. Although I will admit to having an Obey piece here and there around the house I find both the Obama/Hope and the V for Vendetta mask thing a bit overexposed at the minute (I may have mentioned this once or twice recently).

While it is definitely great to see artists getting behind the global #Occupy Movement (for example both Alan Moore and David Lloyd have signed up for the Occupy Comics project, and Dublin-based street artist CANVAZ created a piece for #OccupyDameStreet) Fairey's latest just isn't to my taste.

Much more pleasing is Stanley Donwood's new work Occupied Fortune (right, click to greatly embiggen), based on the text of a placard he saw at the #OccupySheffield site. Originally released as a free .pdf, Donwood has decided to create a limited run of 99 signed and embossed prints with the proceeds from the first fifty going directly to #OccupyLSX.

While you will probably recognise Donwood's iconic work from a number of Radiohead and Thom Yorke projects, his portfolio is far more extensive and imaginative than those alone and I am a huge fan, as can be demonstrated by the fact that I am now the proud possessor of number 9/99 of this edition.


You can find out more about this print on Donwood's website here, and the .pdf can be downloaded from here.

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