19 December 2011

mega toughest hundred on the epic scribble fish

This year as we approach the the orgy of consumerism religious folks like to call Christmas I have done my best to make a good few of the presents I will be socially obligated to give to people myself. No coupons good for an hour of "Joey love" here, my friends, no indeed, for I have attempted to create or recycle as many gifts as humanly possible short of recreating an entire season of The Wire out of toilet-rolls and a camera-phone.

Unfortunately the corollary to this anti-capitalist approach to the celebration of these conservative and patriarchal festivities is that I have found myself with a little bit of extra change in my pockets, more so than I would normally this time of year, and after whatever suitable donations to charities and other worthy bodies as are necessary to soothe my troubled soul have been made there is still enough left for my notoriously low money-to-sense ratio to kick with a cry of obscene mirth.

Behold, my friends, the majesty that is Underworld fridge magnets.

Yup, other folks have fun rearranging Shakespeare quotes while waiting for the toast to pop, I choose to create my own remixes of dirty epic tunes of Romford, shouting, toughest hundred scribble, shouting, jumbo spoonman burnout.


All these words and more can be yours for the princely sum of £8 from Underworld's website, where you can also pick up a new collection of tunes or two, if that's your particular cup of hot beverage.

Think of all the hilarious ransom notes I can now compose.



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