18 November 2011

What UpStart did next

The folks at UpStart have announced the details of their next art project, and they need your help to make it happen.

They are planning to build a Pop-Up Park somewhere in Dublin City Centre. The Park will exist for 3-4 months, be built by teenagers both local and from Unionist areas in the North and provide an outdoor urban space for theatre, art, performances and more.

They are organising this through the Better Together campaign, a clearing house for donations to voluntary sector projects, who are currently running an initiative that will see €10,000 donated to the participating project that receives the most individual online donations between now and 5pm, November 25th. UpStart are looking for as many people as possible to make a small donation here, even €1- €5, this is all about the number of donations made, not the total value of those donations!

You can find out more information about this new UpStart project here, where they give the following outline:
The general ambition in this project is to put colour and creativity into an urban space that is vacant of anything… other than its potential of course.

· It would involve us planting an orchard (a little like this but a little softer on the seating- http://www.unionstreetorchard.org.uk/) and just in case you’re worried – the trees will be given a happy new home at the completion of the project!

· Grassy knolls to lie back and eat your packed lunch on (these are funny things- think sun loungers that are covered in grass, without the wet bums, they have a drainage system to take water away whilst the grass keeps green!)

· A theatre space for day & night performances (this would be an exciting space designed by professionals who have experience in large scale wooden constructions (a bit like at Burning Man and Electric Picnic). They will work with young teenagers from Dublin city centre and from disadvantaged loyalist areas of Northern Ireland in building something inspirational out of a material that is such an integral part of sectarian bonfires of July 14th - the humble wooden pallet.

· Not to mention art of all sorts and the odd workshop & lecture thrown in for good measure. Block T (Vodafone Cultural Attraction of the Year 2011) has already voiced it’s support.

- UpStart Project #2 - Be a part of it!, from the UpStart blog
UpStart art, occupying an urban space, wooden pallets and Burning Man - it's like they've taken the last two hundred posts from my blog and run them through a blender for a minute or two, and served up the results with an umbrella and a slice of fruit on the side.


Remember - make your donation through the Better Together campaign here!

(A quick reminder of their first art project can be found on my Flickr set here)

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