12 November 2011

#OccupyDameStreet - A Tale of Two Cities (and one fiddle)

Greetings from #OccupyDameStreet!
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 12th November
So here's something you don't see everyday (unless you are on Occupied Dame Street), a transatlantic live fiddle jam, courtesy of the good folks at #OccupyPittsburgh. A few days ago we were contacted by #OccupyPGH to let us know that they were sending us over a fiddle, and would we be interested in linking up over Livestream and having a bit of an auld session - and who could refuse such an offer?

The fiddle arrived yesterday morning, and after some careful negotiations with Customs we were able to have it released and get it on site in time for this evening's event. Two fiddlers were joined by an uilleann piper and group of guitarists and a drummer that happened to be sitting across the road in Sweeney's having a pint and dropped over to see what was happening. The Livestream is a fantastic way to reach out beyond the steps of the Central Bank and judging by the comments thread tonight saw a very international audience.

After a cold and wet few days yesterday's Carnival, today's march and this evening's wee bit of diddly-eye were exactly the type of events needed to get spirits back up to where they belong. An incredibly generous gesture from #OccupyPGH and a good time was had by all!

#OccupyPittsburgh - you guys are just Amazing!

Greetings from #OccupyPittsburgh!
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 12th November
The Fiddle in action on Dame Street
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 12th November
We play both types of music here, Diddly and Eye
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 12th November
The fiddlers were joined by random musicians who were across at Sweeney's having a pint
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 12th November

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