23 November 2011

A more painful pun you will not find today

Colonial Eggacy by Léan at String Revolution
Speaking of Léan and her terrible puns over at String Revolution, I feel it would be wrong of me not to highlight her latest non-string related venture, the above graphical condemnation of The White Man's Bird(Hen), entitled "Colonial Eggacy", now available at her Zazzle shop in both a range of tasty beverage containers and 100% fine jersey cotton T-Shirts.

While of late this blog has been on a very charged anti-capitalist drive, I feel no shame in shilling my friends' artistic endeavors because a) they are actually very good, and the world needs more things of beauty in it (especially if they also contain atrocious puns), and b) it makes me feel better about not seeing them in the Really Real World for a while and hides the fact that I am actually a very bad friend indeed.

You can read more about Léan's plan for global domination through the poorer cousin of Wit here, but really you should just go straight to her online shop and buy something.

I did (she had me at "perfidious albumen").

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