03 October 2011

UpStart Wrap Party

UpStart were just on to me to let me know about their Wrap Party, bringing to a close this phase of the UpStart project and giving the public one last opportunity to see the posters that brightened up a very grey election campaign back in February. The event takes place in Block T in Smithfield on October 14th, from 7-11pm. In addition to viewing the posters and (no doubt) being able to chat to the organisers and some of the poets and artists, there will also be film installations, live music and djs, and you may just be lucky enough to walk away with an original poster.

No word yet on the presence of wrestlers though.

UpStart have put together a short animation to celebrate the end of the project (as you can see above), and if you look very carefully (well, not that carefully really), you may just recognise some of the photos from the pages of this very blog. And here. And here. And here. Or here, here and possibly even here.

Ok, I admit that I took a ridiculous number of photos but its good to see them getting a second outing.

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