18 October 2011

#OccupyDameStreet - A Spectacle of Defiance and Hope

The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope visit the Camp with their Book of Grievances and Hopes
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Tuesday 18th October

A cold and blustery day with the mood low and tempers short was lifted by the arrival of The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope. Part protest group, part theatre troupe, part Carnival, the Spectacle is an external apolitical group that seek to raise awareness of community and national issues through music, song, drama and dance. And drums.

While my feeling on the subject of all of the above are well known (drumming circles, interpretative dance and mime occupying the three lowest layers of Hell in my Inferno, a bit of levity was exactly what the Camp needed after a very rough day weather-wise, and the Spectacle show that there is another way to voice concerns beyond marches, banners and placards.

They are travelling around the country with their Book of Grievances and Hopes, based on the Cahiers de Doléances, the lists of grievances drawn up across France in 1789, commissioned by and presented to King Louis XVI, an act which encouraged the citizenry to quantify what it was they thought wrong with the State and what exactly should be done about it.

A nice bit of colour in the Camp on a stressful day, shame about the drumming though.

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