13 October 2011

#OccupyDameStreet - So You Say You Want a Revolution

I shall be released
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Wednesday 12th October
Just a short post tonight, its late, I'm tired and my leaba is calling

I love evenings on Occupied Dame Street, the buzz of the General Assembly, the impromptu debates that occur afterwards as the crowd breaks up into smaller groups of strangers and friends, the sodium lights that bathe everything in a soft yellow glow that totally hides the fact that I don't really understand white balance when taking photographs in the daytime, and the chance to catch a sneaky cup of tea before running off to a two hour Media Workgroup meeting which you foolishly volunteer to facilitate and quickly discover that its not all unicorns and Jazz Hands and end up missing TV3 broadcasting live from the Camp.

Still, the evenings come alive as the Camp swells with well-wishers, passers-by and supporters who cannot break away from their 9-5 but still want to be a part of something special. While there is zero tolerance for alcohol or drunkenness and a rigorously enforced noise curfew in the camp from midnight on, it has to be said that at times the night bears no small resemblance to a festival, tonight being a perfect case in point.

A gramophone disco, in fact The Gramophone Disco
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Wednesday 12th October
Almost as soon as the crowds from the General Assembly started to dissipate an impromptu trad session erupted followed by The Mighty Stef and The Gramophone Disco and a rolling jam with anything up to five guitarists that went on perilously close to the curfew. The whole session, as with almost all that happens in the Camp, was live-streamed on the internets with up to 150 folks watching it around the world and sending in requests to the accommodating fingersmiths.

An amazing energy and the perfect way to wash away the taste of committee meetings.

This next one goes out to Gordon on Wall Street
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Wednesday 12th October
Yes, I know that all reads like your dad talking about watching Glastonbury on BBC2, but its late, I'm tired, and to be perfectly honest you should be thankful it didn't end up going all "hurrrungh-capitalism-bad" there at the end.

TV3 Midweek broadcasting live from the camp, starts at about 24:25)
The Gramophone Disco on MySpace
The Mighty Stef
The #OccupyDameStreet Livestream, normally running between 11am(ish) and midnight

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