16 October 2011

#OccupyDameStreet - On the ninth day he rested

I've got those, 'Can't get enough of #OccupyDameStreet' blues.
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Sunday 16th October
Today was my day off, a chance to be away from Occupied Dame Street, to relax on a couch with a cup of tea and take in all that has happened across a tumultuous week. The couch and the tea happened, unfortunately (and somewhat predictably) it happened on Dame Street - I just couldn't keep away. I'm back home now and going to take a break from the internets for a few hours, in the meantime if you need to get your #occupydamestreet fix you can check out:

www.occupydamestreet.org - the #OccupyDameStreet website
facebook.com/occupydamestreet on Facebook
@occupydamestr on Twitter
livestream.com/occupydamestreet for recorded and live video from Occupied Dame Street

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At 10:52 am, Anonymous eleanor said...

Please do get some rest, some down time, it's important. No point in a communicator getting silenced though exhaustion for the want of just being judicious with themselves.
Here endeth the lesson!
El x

At 11:36 pm, Anonymous lilsis said...

Glad you finally took your well deserved rest! x

At 10:24 am, Anonymous fuspey said...

rest well, take a break, fill up your batteries... then go back with energy tanks filled up, love participating all the more and keep up the excellent feedback


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