31 October 2011

#OccupyDameStreet - Late, Late Edition

Some very special guests drop by. Now I'm not sure, but Davis looks like she may have had a bit of photoshopping done.
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Sunday 30th October
I've been off alcohol now for just over seven months, and even if I still drank I think that after tonight I would quit. If you ever want to know why Ireland never amassed an overseas empire, placed a man on the moon, or managed to get an integrated ticketing system launched across all forms of public transportation in its capital city (remember back in June when Leo Varadkar said it would be launched in August? Apparently neither does he.), all you need to do is stand on Dame Street between midnight and four-thirty am on a Bank Holiday Sunday night/Monday morning and watch the drunken hordes stumble out from the bars, through the kebab shops and into the awaiting taxis in an oddly hypnotic and alcohol-sustained Brownian motion. At the best of times we are not a pretty race, we are not a graceful race, we are not a silent race, and 4:30am on a Bank Holiday weekend is certainly not the best of times.

Having been absent completely from the camp on Friday, and only there for a few hours yesterday, I felt compelled to volunteer for a security shift tonight. I haven't done a midnight-to-four shift at the weekend for a good few weeks, and getting home now at 5am I am left with nothing but respect for the lads who do this every weekend night. I'm off to bed now and hope to rid my thoughts of some of the sights that have seared themselves onto my mind's eye, for I have seen things, things you people wouldn't believe.

I may be scarred for life.

I am also reliably informed that tonight was a quiet night.

Note to self, never volunteer for anything ever again.


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