22 October 2011

#OccupyDameStreet - The Internationale Unites the Human Race

The Internationale Unites the Human Race
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
Well, what can we say after that? RTE are reporting that two thousand people joined in today's march from The Garden of Remembrance, down O'Connell Street and on to Occupied Dame Street. Two thousand! Let me say that one more time, two thousand people! All inspired by a small group of folks that started this all off by tying down a few tents outside the gates of the Central Bank two weeks ago today.

The main draw, apart from the chance to march shoulder to shoulder with one's fellow citizens on a freezing October afternoon, was undoubtedly the presence of one Mr Billy Bragg, who brought his best pair of marching trousers and a guitar to sing a few songs along to. As the crowd arrived on Dame Street he climbed atop a truck and greeted the crowd in solidarity with #Occupy Movements around the world, then dove into a few songs including There is Power in a Union, before laying down his guitar and singing, unaccompanied, The Internationale, fist raised high in the air, an action mirrored across the plinths and plaza of Occupied Dame Street.

Two weeks ago a score of voices cried out for the 99%, today two thousand fists raised high proclaimed, "We are the 99%!"

Another World is Possible on Dame Street
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
This lad just wanted to get home with his shopping
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
#OccupyDameStreet arrives at #OccupiedDameStreet
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Billy Bragg
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
The World in Motion at Occupied Dame Street
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
Mr Billy Bragg tells us there is power in a Union
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October
So comrades, come rally, for this is the time and place! The Internationale Unites the Human Race.
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 22nd October

@poshknacker has uploaded a video of Billy Bragg singing The Internationale at #OccupyDameStreet today here. Magical.

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