10 October 2011

#OccupyDameStreet - Day Three Video

The Irish Times has just posted a video from this morning's interviews. It gives a good flavour of what life is like in the camp on Day Three, and underlines the divergent reasons folks have for participating, but emphasises how everyone still manages to speak with one voice when saying "Enough is Enough".

Also, thanks to some very skilled editing I manage to not sound like a complete fool. Never underestimate the power of a microphone and camera to reduce you to a babbling font of inanities.

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At 10:33 pm, Blogger petrapig said...

thank the loward you are expressing the thoughts of many many irish people who would be there if not for commitments that keep them sloggin away to pay the faceless ,, Let it be known that you have alot more support than you think and more will be jioning you this weekend , i will travel to Dublin with 3 children under 4 to standbeside my 99% fellow irishmen and women - please keep giong and don't let it fizzle out, if it does it means the over 70's are the only real winners in protesting== kudos to all at the CB this minute GXXXXXXX


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