04 September 2011

Contemporaneously (or even sooner)

Took a wander round the Iveagh Gardens today to see some of the sculptures for the forthcoming Dublin Contemporary 2011 being put up. The event, our national International art exhibition, or the "I Can't Believe It's Not Biennale" to use the Vulgate, kicks off on the 6th and runs through to the end of October. It will be mainly based in Earlsfort Terrace at the side of the National Concert Hall, where a fresh lick of paint was being applied this evening to the new pavilion entrance specially constructed for the event, with other exhibitions taking place at the RHA, Douglas Hyde, Hugh Lane and the National Gallery.

As you stroll through the show secretly fuming that your taxes are funding such degenerate filth, keep an eye out for young Alan Butler, friend of us here on Booming Back and whose UpStart posters graced the page of many a foreign newspaper during the election. He will be exhibiting in Earlsfort Terrace along with many other fine and worthy ladies and gentlemen who represent the best our nation has to offer in the fields of contemporary art.

A one day ticket that gives entry to all Dublin Contemporary venues is €15, which may come as a shock to those used to the normally free entrance to Dublin public galleries, a three day ticket is slightly better value at €35, and you can buy these online or at the Earlsfort Terrace box office.

Sadly with the economy in the state its in thanks to criminal mismanagement and the Arts budget disappearing faster than the Aral Sea, such ticket prices will no doubt be the new norm, not the exception.

Dublin Contemporary, happening in Dublin, contemporaneously (or even sooner).

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