17 September 2011

Canal water, preferably

The Grand Canal by night
Dublin, 16th September 2011
Speaking of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Biennale"...

So, irregular and/or infrequent readers of this blog may, if they have noticed that it has been almost two weeks since my last post (not guaranteed, given their irregular and/or infrequent nature), have assumed that I had jetted away to distant climes, fed up with all the misery and pitiful-excuses-for-a-summer that Dublin has to offer. More frequent and/or observant readers may have expressed some not-unwarranted concern that such a lengthy silence boded ill for Unkie Dave and heralded a return, once more, to the confines of a hospital bed.

Well, my friends, I am sorry to say that like the capitalist running dogs of a high street bank or mobile phone company that only offer their best rates to their newest customers, for once the lackadaisical and fair-weather amongst you shall be rewarded and the faithful and most loyal cast aside like an allegorical biblical narrative tormented by a Judeo-Christian deity, or the Coen brothers, for fun, profit and sport.

This week I have mostly been... in Venice.

The (other) Grand Canal by night
Venice, 8th September 2011
I have never been one to respond well to the prospect of possible future rewards in return for extended effort in the present, as a vegetarian with a restricted diet carrots just aren't that exciting, with or without an accompanying stick. However during my extended bouts of illness I have found it useful to work towards the prospect of attending two separate weddings of friends, a goal that while in hospital seemed ridiculously ethereal. Still, in April I left the shackles of my hospital bed behind for three hours and made it to the contrastingly surreal environs of Dublin Zoo for the first of these weddings, an act which convinced my consultant to let me go home the following day. This time round the venue was a little more daunting, and the challenges associated with getting there a little greater, but I was, and am, in considerably better health than five months ago, and the thought of getting there motivated me every bit as did Dublin Zoo in April.

And so to Venice.

The wedding was fantastic, two really good people both amazing in their own right, a small circle of family and friends, an intimate and self-authored ceremony both secular and spiritual at the same time, something intensely private that was a privilege to be a part of and to respect that privacy that is all that I am going to say about that.

On the subject of Venice, however, I feel compelled to write more than you are probably interested in reading about, so I will rein in my baser instincts over the next few days and hopefully a happy compromise will be reached.

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At 11:30 pm, Anonymous Felix said...

Please don't reign in anything; I love reading your Venice posts.


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