01 August 2011

Long to reign over us

One of the consequences of this most recent of hospital stays was an accompanying loss of weight, about 1.5 kilos (a quarter of a stone in old money), so I'm now back down to roughly 63 kilos (10 stone). The trouble with this is that my old weight-gain program revolved around eating early and eating often, and eating foods that are now, once again, proscribed thanks to the return of my pancreatitis. Gone are the halcyon days of cottage-cheese covered Digestive biscuits, for my body is no longer capable of digesting fat.

This means that for the foreseeable future I may be resigned to the fact that my beanpole-like physique is here to stay, and my ill-fitting trousers are doomed to forever fly at half-mast, somewhere between my knees and what passes for my waist, like a hippity-hopster youth on day release, as I shuffle down the road and try with all my might to preserve what's left of my dignity.

With that in mind, The Very Understanding Girlfriend rather presciently took me down last week mere hours before this latest pancreatic episode to the one place she knew that my hippity-hopster trouser style wouldn't mark me out as a social outcast, the annual Kings of Concrete festival at the Civic Offices in Wood Quay, possibly both the concrete-iest and monarchy-iest part of the city. A celebration of all things both hippity and hopster, the festival encompasses a wide array of x-game like activities to do with bikes, skateboards, roller-blades etc along with other hobbies of the urbanized youth, including parkour, graffiti, beatboxing and other such activities that I am reliably informed by advertisers are "street", which apparently is now an adjective.

It was actually great, the weather was fantastic and the place was packed with kids of all ages (I am positive that some of the skaters on the half-pipe were father and son teams), and the coincidentally timed Zombie-walk earlier that afternoon added to the madness of the crowd with a sizable portion of the audience decked out in their finest Walking Dead couture. It is amazing to see free events like this happen in the city, supported by the City Council and even held outside their offices. Long may it continue.

The Very Understanding Girlfriend took a staggering number of photos over the course of the weekend, alas I took but a few before the waves of pain overcame me and I was forced to retreat first to my bed, and then to the hospital. The thought has occurred to me that as this was the last thing I did before I took ill, all this excitement may in fact have been the trigger for this latest pancreatic episode.

Perhaps my body is also no longer capable of digesting Phat.

Kings of Concrete
The Very Understanding Girlfriend's Flickr set
My own paltry few photos

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At 3:20 pm, Anonymous Felix said...

No! You must not lose the ability to digest Phat. Can you still eat copious quantities of carbs? Is Pasta smothered in tomato sauce still an option? I don't know anything about pancreatitis but I know from my own forrays into Weight Watchers that there are more ways to gain waist girth than eating cheese and chocolate! Carbs and beans are a good start... the festival of which you speak in Wood Quay looks amazing and I am excited to go and check the photos taken by The Very Understanding Girlfriend.

Thinking of you x Felix

At 12:18 am, Anonymous Niall said...

Well, it was _quite_ a bit of effort to go to - getting pancreatitis the second time merely to justify this pun - but I have to say, one would think there might be circumstances under which it was worth it.

At 12:01 pm, Blogger lusciousblopster said...

best last line _evah_

great post. and not about video games at all.i wondered before this festival what a hippie jump was, as it was advertised as the first skateboard competition at Kings of Concrete. when i went online to try and find out what it involved, was saddened to find combo instructions for how to 'jump' on wii or xbox. and it doesn't involve hippies. turns out it's where you jump over an obstacle while the skateboard slides underneath and then you land back on the board. we are so envirtualled. whereas these kids were doing it for realsies. and impressively so.


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