16 August 2011

Happy Dayvan Cowboy Day!

Speaking of Warp, Happy Dayvan Cowboy Day!

On this day back in 1960, US Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger stepped out of the gondola of his high altitude balloon at over 31,000 meters (officially he jumped at 102,800 ft) and fell for four and half minutes, hitting a top speed of 714 mph. This remains the highest altitude jump to this day. More details on the jump can be found here and there is a great interview with him on the jump here.

Of course Warp fans will know all this because the footage filmed of the jump was "borrowed" by Melissa Olson for her video for Boards of Canada's 2005 track 'Dayvan Cowboy', from The Campfire Headphase. Before you all ask, no, Capt. Kittinger's jump did not end in some spectacular surfing action, that part of the video is all footage of surfer Laird Hamilton (apparently his real name).

I know I've posted this video before, but a) its possibly my favourite track of all time, b) its very apt given the day that's in it and c) it's my blog, so I'll do what I want here, thank you very much.

Update - it looks like the video doesn't come through on the RSS feed for this post, so feed-readers will just have to click back to the main article on the blog itself.



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