12 August 2011

Down, but not out

Well, it appears that initial fears have been confirmed and almost all of Warp's physical stock has been destroyed during the London riots. They issued a press release on their website yesterday:
"All of Warp's UK warehouse stock appears to have been lost in the fire. The Sony DADC warehouse also acted as our international distribution hub and so this has affected our ability to supply our overseas partners. Bleep's current stash of Warp CD/LP stock remains unaffected of course.

Forthcoming albums - CANT's 'Dreams Come True' (Sep 12th), Plaid's 'Scintilli' (Sept 26th) and Rustie's 'Glass Swords' (Oct 10th) - are currently being manufactured. We know PIAS are working hard to get alternative distribution in place and we are hopeful that the release dates of these albums will not be affected. Most UK copies of Battles' new single 'My Machines' have been destroyed, although the single will still be released digitally on Monday - with some limited 12inch stock available at Bleep

The biggest challenge for us is replacing Warp's extensive back catalogue spanning the last 21 years. We will replace as much of this as we can by creating new stock and replenishing where possible with stock from outside the UK. Unfortunately some releases may never be available physically again.

We will be closely supporting PIAS in their efforts to get the independent music community up and running as quickly as they can."
This is seriously sad news for music fans, though hopefully Warp is a large enough label that it can financially weather this.

Many of the other indie labels affected by the fire will certainly not fare as well.

The best way to help any of these labels to continue to survive is to buy some tunes from them. Most affected labels have some form of digital download offering, so purchasing imaginary music from them will help them build up the cash to reissue some actual really-real-world touchy-feely music, like the cds and vinyl your parents used to listen to.

A good place to start while we're all waiting for Plaid's new album is their new digital-only retrospective, Induction, featuring 11 tracks from albums ranging from Rest Proof Clockwork all the way up to Greedy Baby, as chosen by the lads themselves. Its available now on Bleep for the princely sum of £6.99. They're not necessarily the tracks I would have chosen, but they're a pretty good introduction nonetheless. While I don't hold with digital music as a rule, exceptions can be made in these trying times.

You can preview the compilation below:

Update: Shiny new Warp boy Hudson Mohawk is featured on the cover of Saturday's Guardian Guide, with an interview inside. His new EP Satin Panthers is well worth a listen to. I caught his late afternoon set in Glasto 2010 and despite him being about 12 years old I was mighty impressed.

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At 7:04 pm, Anonymous Felix said...

I have been reading about the destruction of the PIAS warehouse all over the UK music press. It's really sad and everyone is saying the same thing: BUY MORE CHOONS!

Thanks for emphasising that message. My fav. WARP release is tiny reminders by the two lone swordsmen brothers; I will go see if I can find further TLS releases and bolster the pockets of the PIAS with my shiny gold so that more CDs and Vinyls can be made in the near future.

At 10:23 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

Thanks Felix! I feel a bit hypocritical ranting against capitalism and consumerism in one breath, and then telling everyone to go out and buy stuff in the next, but for some of these labels a surge of sales in the next week or two literally could mean the difference between staying open or shutting down for good.

Ah, Tiny Reminders, classic stuff indeed, that takes me back to the bright and shiny days of the new millenium. Good times, good times.

At 8:39 am, Blogger Sir Ludwig Rhinoceros III said...

That is gammy about Warp's stock. I assume Thrill Jockey probably lost some old copies of some rare Tortoise stuff too. I am glad I bought "A Lazarus Taxon" a few months ago. I also see that 4AD and many others in whom I hold high regard were also affected.

On the Plaid front, that bunch of songs are pretty much the ones I spread through my compilations for the car, though I would have added the "All is Full of Love" Bjork remix which is astounding.

At 1:22 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

@Sir Ludwig Rhinoceros III - couldn't agree more about the 'all is full of love' remix, difficult to improve on the original but the certainly nailed it.

somebody's posted it up on youtube if anyone is unfamiliar with it.

At 5:51 pm, Blogger lusciousblopster said...

must go buy independent music. now.

this is just another thing that illustrates that while the anger of the rioters (and many in society) may be political, they are bereft of useful avenues down which to direct it. so local and independent retailers and homes end up bearing the brunt.


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