02 August 2011

Danseizure and the Temple of Pancreatic Doom

As we exhaust the annals of medical history in the increasingly vain search for the cause of Unkie Dave's recent misfortunes, we find ourselves seizing upon whatever scraps of circumstantial evidence remain behind on the heavily trafficked crime scene of my life.

On Thursday, 3rd of March of this year we were visited by Danseizure, musician, film-maker/festival organiser and all-round activist-about-town, and a night of sushi and laughs ensued. Four days later my pancreas erupted for the first time.

On Monday 25th July we were once again visited by Danseizure. No sushi was involved and yet the next day I was admitted to hospital with a second bout of pancreatitis.

Coincidence? I think not. Danseizure is the harbinger of pancreatic doom.

I mention this not only to warn anyone that may come into physical contact with him in the near future, but as a way of alerting you all to the fact that his rather excellent third album of electronica and other noises, 'This is Danseizure', has gone all Creative Commons and is available on Bandcamp for the princely sum of free to download. Technically it is available on a pay-what-you-will model, but since we have scientifically (in the 'Glenn Beck with a blackboard' sense of the word) proven that he is the cause of my pancreatitis, I leave it up to you to decide whether this horseman of the abdominal apocalypse is deserving of your gold.

The album was one of my favourites of last year, and you really can't argue with the price. Well done to Mr Seizure (and his label, Invisible Agent) for sharing this with the masses, though he still has a lot more to do to make up for the pancreatitis.

An awful lot more.

This is Danseizure, free download at Bandcamp
Danseizure's website, a mix of music and Middle-Eastern activism
Invisible Agent - the label that made it possible



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