07 August 2011

35 Summers? Right now I'd settle for just one.

Wahoo! Plaid have announced a release date for their new album, scintilli, available to the masses on September 26th.

In addition to the standard vinyl edition, the initial CD release will include a die-cut puzzle, or ‘Muda na Mono’:
"the name taken from a Japanese phrase meaning ‘pointless object’. It contains two die-cut rings and a CD which can be assembled as per the diagram (below). If correctly aligned, the sphere created allows the track titles to be read. The packaging reflects a desire to give the CD an ornamental function, beyond its one use as a basic storage device for music."

Indeed. If that isn't esoteric enough for you the album is also being released as a t-shirt, with a code for a lossless download embedded in the collar of the shirt.

You can pre-order the ‘Muda na Mono’ cd-pack here, and the t-shirt here. The video above is for '35 Summers', from the new album.

Plaid, octopi, underwater sword fights. September can't come soon enough.



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