18 July 2011

Upstart at Ignite

Speaking of unemployed architects (do try to keep up), Ignite have posted a number of videos from their lecture series at the Science Gallery back in June, and included are the UpStart folks giving a short overview on the project. Keep an eye out during their slide show for the map of poster locations, if it looks familiar that's because its made up (substantially, but not entirely) of my Flickr set and accompanying geodata.

UpStart were in touch a while ago to say that they are in the process of organising an exhibition of the posters that survived the election campaign more or less intact. Look out for it later on in the summer, when I know more myself I'll post about it.

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At 12:44 am, Anonymous steve said...

it was such a great project. good to see sam explaining it so well. great stuff.

At 8:07 pm, Blogger Samuel said...

Thanks for your continued interest & support Dave! The map helps to give a sense of the scale of the project. I'm not so sure I explained it so well Steve, but I guess you get the general gist of it. Looks like the exhibition will be after the summer, and we will of course let you know.


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