14 July 2011


As I've mentioned before, in fact quite recently, I try not to post anything here on Booming Back that isn't original Unkie Dave material. I may quote or reference external or offline material occasionally, but it is as a complement to what I write rather than the bulk of any post. The internets are full of reposts, from the journalistic freebooters at Huffpost to the blatant blaggards at BoingBoing, with every manner of scurvy scraper and content-thieving corsair in between. The last thing the world needs is another "I just read this and wanted to share" site.

So a year ago I set up a new "I just read this and wanted to share" site.


During long spells of underemployment I have been reading, quite a lot at times, and by reading I mean real reading, of books made of paper that sit uncomfortably on sagging shelves, drawn down from what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls, in reference to Umberto Eco, an anti-library, that collection of books that you have yet to read and remind you constantly of how ignorant you are. My anti-library grows faster on my walls than any extra time liberated by missed deadlines, postponed projects or extended hospital stays can compensate for, but that doesn't mean I stop trying to catch up with it and overtake it, or at the least wrestle it to a stalemate.

And as I read, sometimes a passage will strike me and I say, "I must write that down and remember it", then get embarrassed if I'm not sure whether I said it out loud or not.

This is what [PAUSE] is, my other site, a place where I have taken a moment or two to write down something in my offline reading that I want to come back to at a later stage and explore further. This being the internets it also has some pretty pictures, and at least they are original Unkie Dave material even if the words that accompany them aren't. There's not a huge amount there, I average about two posts a month which speaks volumes about the glacial speed of my reading over the last year, but if you are bored someday and have a particular desire to see whose writings have been stoking my recent wrath and ire, you now have a place to go.

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