13 July 2011

Get a brew on

Speaking of tea, which we were, I was delighted to find Mr Scruff's own 'Make Us a Brew' tea for sale in Down To Earth, the health food shop on George's Street. Anyone who has been to a Mr Scruff gig recently will have seen his tea stall sitting in some corner of the darkened room supplying tasty hot beverages to all and sundry.

In addition to being rather tasty his tea is all 100% organic, most are fairtrade certified, the packaging is recycled and the tea-bags are chlorine-free and compostable. Its difficult to see how they could be any more of a guilt-free pleasure without collapsing under the weight of full-on smug-Hippy-ness.

If you aren't in Dublin, you can find a full list of tea-merchants at his tea website, where you can also buy some his fine brews online. And if you are unfamiliar with the lyrical stylings of Mr Scruff you could do worse than take a moment to listen to the track below:

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