12 July 2011

Better than a double rainbow


In Dublin!

Yes, dolphins!

Additional statements with exclamation marks!

On Sunday night The Very Understanding Girlfriend had the amazing experience of seeing some dolphins at night off White Rock Beach in Killiney, something normally most unusual but apparently a pod of up to three dolphins have taken up summer residence there. This evening we decided to head back out there to see if I would be lucky enough to see them as well, and just as we were about to head home we caught sight of one rising almost vertically out of the water. For the next thirty minutes we saw at least two appearing and disappearing under the waves, just at the limits of my zoom lens.

Click on the images above to greatly embiggen, and there are a few more photos here, mostly of fins and tails, but once you know that its a dolphin that you're looking at its all pretty self-explanatory.


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At 2:19 pm, Anonymous steve said...


i've read both of your posts about 40 times now cos ye keep editing them heh!

At 2:40 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

yeah, I've not been happy with the photos I uploaded. In the nice and clear full-resolution versions the dolphin is too small to see when viewed on the post itself (although tis fine if you click on the image and look at it on its own webpage), so I've gone back to the originals and tried to edit a zoomed-in version that's not too blurry.

Needless to say this process has taken a number of revisions.


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